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Michelle Lynn, RN-BSN, Health & Wellness Coach

I am a 35-year-old mom of 1, proud wife of a disabled veteran and mom to an extremely smart and all-round talented daughter.  I am very family oriented and love to spend time with my husband and daughter.  We travel, cook and play travel softball on the weekends from February to November, so that's where you will normally find me, since my husband coaches.  I am always eager to help anyone be the best that they can be by assisting them with adjusting their lifestyle, providing motivation and encouragement. 

I am a Nurse and Health & Wellness Coach who empowers women, who have utilized every possible method, with the necessary tools for weight loss, to stop feeling nervous and drained, so that they feel more motivated, healthy and their absolute best selves with individually personal goal-based plans.

I started as a Nursing assistant in the Medical field in 2004 and finally graduated as a Nurse in 2017 with my Bachelors Degree from Lenoir Rhyne, minoring in Psychology.   I was introduced to alternative therapies/holistic & natural approaches to health, when I was in nursing school in 2015 and without health insurance.  It was then that I found myself treating a lot of my ailments with alternative methods because I had no other way.  The University could not provide Obama Care due to the expense of it and us students were just left to figure it out on our own.

I have always had a range of health issues, requiring some kind of doctor's fix, and have found myself battling with side effects after side effects and at times getting fixes from doctors for those side effects. Health has always intrigued me due to the struggles I have had, so I started wondering if there might be something to question about my care, the cycle I found myself in, but because I was told by my doctor I did it anyway because I felt he knew more and I should be compliant as a patient.

It wasn’t until I had permanent issues left by the pandemic attacking my body that I started digging around. The education I got about alternative treatments for all kinds of your everyday problems, weight loss, etc. blew my mind.  That was when God intervened and he lead me to revisit the alternative therapies I was using in 2015 and realized it was time to start helping other ladies like me struggling to put the therapies to great use to lose weight and keep it off for good!


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